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Thank you
  Cutsss, May 26 2013

Hey guys,

I havent posted on Liquid in a while (okay in years), but I see that some of you have been very supportive through the years so I just wanted to say thank you.

If you guys have been wondering what I'm up to, I mostly play live tournaments now and a bit of online on (my sponsor).
I quit cashgames aroudn the end of 2009 after losing aton. I switched to live cash and played as high as 400/800 euros but the swings were crazy and I felt I was losing my soul following those games.

So here I am the typical live donkament players that I suppose you still berate every once in a while.

If you guys have any question about live tournaments go ahead here, and to all my friends give me a shout and some news.


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August 18th - August 28th: Ibiza
  Cutsss, Aug 17 2007

I'm leaving tommorow for Ibiza. I'm renting a nice house there with some friends, with swimming pool and private beach, maybe we will rent a small boat and have fun around the island during daytime. But Ibiza is mostly about nightlife and clubbing, I already went there last year and went to the pacha and the amnesia. This year I'll definately try the Privilege (world's largest club), the Space, the Eden, and go back to the Pacha and the Amnesia.
Highlight of the trip, Eric Morillo and David Guetta at the Pacha!

About poker, I've been on a sick heater since my last post (karma?), up about 50k from the low point, most of this at 10/20 over 15k hands. I'm kinda happy with how all the things have been going and I hope to be able to keep this up when I comeback.

But for now, it's holidays time, finally ten days without any poker, internet, casino, weeeeeeeeeeeeee....

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Some thoughts...
  Cutsss, Aug 12 2007

It has been a while since I havent posted some real content in this blog. It took me a while to take responsability for everything that happened just before, and after the wsop (and even at the wsop). I'll tell now what really happened since march/april. I'm not drunk or making a goodbye post, just trying to make things clear so I can feel better and can start playing poker again.

So to explain quick what happened, in january/february/march I won alot of money and rolled myself for 10/20. In april I ran really bad. I was stuck alot, and one night, after playing for more than 5 hours on 6 tables, I was heads up on all the 6 tables against the same guy. LoisLane, but you also know this guy as Dracospinner. The game was really deep, I think it was 300bb deep on the smallest table, and 700bb deep on the biggest one. All of this at 10/20. We played for almost 3 hours, I was up 30k at a point but in the end, I was stuck 55k. He ran really good, he outplayed me and got lucky at some times, I also tilted in some huge pots.
After this session my overall downswing reached his low point of -110k. It took me all the time before leaving las vegas to win it back. The day before leaving for Vegas, I saw Bluescouse/Charlatan/SupaGrass/88%Concentration, sitting alone on a 50/100nl table. He's known for beeing an action freak, degen, and bad bad player. I asked around and two people agreed on buyin a piece of me. Nazgul took 50% of my action and Tall/Teldren took a small percentage (up to 5k).
I lost 60k. I played a mix of good and bad, but in the end he won the money.

I left for vegas, a bit pissed, especially for Nazgul, he trusted me and I lost. I still feel really bad for this.
In vegas I played:
- wsop 5k sh
- wsop main event
- 2600$ tourney at the venetian
- 1070$ tourney at the venetian.
Overall my play was poor, at times I played really well, but never long enough, I took some bad beats but also put some even worse. My behavior was often unacceptable, I was always semi tilted, arrogant, and bad.

I came back in France on July, 18th. Since that date I've not been winning, and never been playing good poker for more than one day. Some sessions Im playing really well, and I feel like I'm a genius. And the next session If I lose a single coinflip, thats over, im going to drop 10 buyins like a donkey. I can't grind anymore, I can't play solid for a while anymore, I always blame bad luck and stupid opponents for losing while it's actually 100% my fault if I'm down and not able to win anymore.

Also during that whole time, I've been arrogant with alot of people, acting like i'm a poker god.
Even worse, I'm jealous when my friends, MY REAL (poker) FRIENDS, win at poker.
I've also been whining and blaming why too much the variance while I'm actually lying about how the hands happened just to look like I'm running bad and find people to tell me I'm good and Im unlucky.
The truth is that i'm bad, and that im a pathetic fake pro.

I want to apologize to everyone for all that shit.

I'm going to try to be good again, because I've clearly been playing bad poker for a long period of time, and i know most of my leaks, so if I really got balls, it'll take some time and some hard work, but i'll be good again.

Regards, Ludovic

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